Flower Haul launched in early 2016 with two, outrageously crazy goals:

1. To make buying flowers online a non-cheesy and non-sucky experience.

2. To offer the simplest, sweetest and most natural bunches of flowers. We’re talking farm-fresh, seasonal bunches from the flower markets - the kind you’d happily pick out for yourself or someone else.

You may have already guessed it. We’re not your typical florist. We don’t do gaudy, tacky, over-styled floral arrangements or bouquets. We don't fuss or faff with the flowers. We most definitely do not do fluoro ribbon or cellophane.

We just handpick the freshest bunches from the flower markets that you and your mama / sis / cousin / BFF / aunty / teacher / wife / daughter will all love.

The fact that all flowers happen to include free delivery and arrive at your doorstep in our good-looking, signature flower box is an added bonus. The fact that we’re fun, playful and a bit cheeky along the way is besides the point.

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