Flower Haul is an online flower shop that offers picked-to-order flowers and delivers them to you direct from the flowers markets.

We launched in early 2016 with this outrageously crazy goal:

To offer our customers the freshest, most natural bunches of flowers. We’re talking about farm-fresh, seasonal bunches picked-to-order from the flower markets.

You may have already guessed it. We’re not your typical florist. We don’t do gaudy, tacky, over-styled floral arrangements or bouquets. We don't fuss or faff or overstyle our flowers. And we most definitely do not do teddy bears, tacky balloons, curly ribbon or fluro cellophane.

What we do is simple. We just handpick the freshest flowers from the flower markets, package each bunch up beautifully and deliver them direct to your door. 

Our range includes Market Bunches, which include a wide selection of seasonal, single-type market bunches. We also release a new collection of Mixed Bunches seasonally, which feature a fun mix of in-season flowers and foliage.

All of our fresh bunches are picked-to-order at the flower markets, and delivered to you straight from the flower markets. All flowers will arrive at your doorstep in our custom-designed, signature flower box making our flowers perfect for gift giving as well.

Whether it’s a special occasion or just because, a delivery from Flower Haul will sweeten anyone's day.

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